If you want to improve your offer acceptance rates with candidates, consider doing a soft close.

I would never extend an offer to a candidate unless I have a high level of confidence they’re going to accept it. When you reach a point where you’re wanting to extend them an offer, reach out to them and ask: ” Is there anything at all standing in the way of you accepting an offer? “. Assuming, of course, that the numbers add up meaning the compensation and benefits, etc., which will be details included in the offer.


“Is there any reason at all that you wouldn’t accept it? Because we would like to answer those questions now before going through the administrative process of approvals and signatures; only to find out that you have another opportunity that you’d prefer or you’d rather state your current company.”

If you take that simple step you’ll often surface questions and counteroffers or other opportunities. Candidates will feel a bit guilty if they then tell you there’s nothing standing in the way and then you extend the offer to them and they say no. Not that it still can’t happen but your risk will go down tremendously if you simply do a little role-playing with them. Walk them through the scenario of extending them an offer and help them understand that as a company we just don’t like to extend offers to individuals that don’t already likely know that they’re going to accept it.

So always consider soft closing candidates; you’ll improve your acceptance rates tremendously!

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