A.H. September 8th, 2019

Who’s Looking At You?

With text messaging continuing to infringe on the phone call and video interviews becoming the norm, it comes as no surprise resumes and personal branding have also evolved. 

    For professional job seekers, a tangible resume is still vital. However, the need to take it one step farther is becoming more and more critical in today’s digital world. Around 33% of employers state they will check a candidate’s social media, to determine if their professional persona matches their personal life. This means you may want to forgo posting the keg-stand photos from your college years or the ladies’ trip to Vegas videos. Even with the supposed security features and settings within these online platforms, a simple name search on google may still publish these items without you knowing. More so, 64% of employers claim they check out a potential candidate’s professional LinkedIn profile before deciding to hire. So, where do you stand with your LinkedIn presence?  

Here are a few steps to help clean up or start your LinkedIn profile:

Profile Picture

  • It’s always nice to have a professional headshot, but it is not mandatory. The goal is to have a photo that portrays you in a professional light; acceptable attire, groomed appearance, etc. Do not use heavily filtered profile pictures. (Yes, we can all tell when you’ve used the “beautify” feature on Snapchat. )


  • Your LinkedIn profile should open with a summary outlining who you are as a professional. It doesn’t have to be rigid. Adding your personality is an excellent way to draw attention and engage prospective employers.
  • Next, you should breakdown your current and previous work experience. It shouldn’t be a copied version of your resume. Instead, focus on the title, dates, and key points of accomplishment.  
  • Finally, finish with your educational experience, certifications, and contributing skills. 


  • Use references from previous employers, project managers, educators, and co-workers to convey your authority, skills, and experience within your industry. (Pedagog will outline a “How to Ask” blog soon) 


  • Attach any relevant work, such as case studies or projects to highlight your accomplishments. 
  • Note any volunteer or outreach activities you are actively working with 

Lastly, having feedback is also a great step in effectively building your online brand and finalizing your LinkedIn profile. This is where partnering with a professional recruiting firm, like Pedagog, can be an excellent advantage. A recruiter can provide insight on what skills and experience employers are looking for and suggest any improvements to your profile. 

Now, you are set to start using LinkedIn to the fullest. Begin with building your network, sharing articles or creating your own, and interacting with content from thought leaders within your industry. (Don’t forget to connect with Pedagog

We want to hear your thoughts on managing who’s looking at you and creating an online brand; add your comments below.

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