Soft Close – Candidate

Soft Close – Candidate
Always go for a soft close at the end of an interview. Traditionally you would have been told to ask for the job. Say, something like, “thank you so much for your time today. I want you to know that I’m very interested in this position.”. So, that’s a little outdated. A more progressive way to do that towards the end of the interview would be simply to say something like, “thank you for your time today. I’m just curious through our conversations today through looking at my background is there anything at all that will keep us from moving forward in the process?”. That simple statement makes it clear that you’re interested in moving forward and secondarily it gives you the opportunity to address any objections.

Now, you need to be prepared for the response that could come to that question. They may make you aware of some concerns they have, which you’ll need to address.
(And I know we will cover that in a separate video on handling strengths and weaknesses in an interview.)

So, in summary, make sure you always go for the soft close.

Let them know you’re interested…ask them about next steps !!

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