Jeff discusses the best response to the most common interview question.

Many companies are still asking the question in an interview. Where do you see yourself in three years or five years? Not too many are asking about 10 years anymore. But, it’s really the question about where do you see yourself moving and what are your goals. The answer to that question that I found working really well, is to not focus on specific positions. But maybe using an answer like:

” You know I understand why you would ask the question. And, you know like companies who are having a very difficult time even doing a three or five year and definitely a 10-year business plan things are moving too quickly and the markets are too dynamic. So, for me what’s been working instead of focusing on a very specific job that I’m looking for, I’m focused on being successful and exceeding expectations in the position that I’m in. And, for me, that’s been working well because I’ve found that if I exceed the expectation in the positions I’ve been in, opportunities present themselves. I just have to be smart enough to recognize those opportunities and evaluate them in my career path.”

So going with a more softer response that focuses on exceeding expectations and giving examples of how you’ve done that, usually is more of a winner of an answer than simply saying: “well I want this position or I want your job.”

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