Most interviews end with someone asking the question, “Do you have a question?”

Many people make the mistake in an interview by not taking advantage of that opportunity to impress the interviewer with your intelligence and business acumen etc. Many people feel like they get to the end of the interview and when asked if there are any questions that genuinely most of their questions have been answered; at least to decide if they should go to the next step. So, they simply say “ No I think you’ve answered all my questions. Thank you very much.”

 But when you do that, you’re really missing the bigger opportunity there. The bigger opportunity is to come back with at least one or two questions. Being respectful of the time of course; if you’re running late in the interview, don’t ask two or three questions. But, come back with a very smart intelligent question that demonstrates your bigger picture thinking.

Don’t ask a question like, like “Can you tell me where the bathrooms are?” That would be a bad idea.

Instead, come back with a question or two about the business. Maybe, ask about the challenges that the business might be facing in the upcoming year or the opportunities.  Can you give me a few examples of people who have been successful here at the company and what character traits they have?

 Just asking smart questions will leave a very positive impression with the interviewer instead of just simply saying “No, I don’t have any questions.”.

What are some standout questions you have gotten from candidates, or have asked yourself during an interview?

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