A.H. 3/20/2020 – Helping Your Team Endure in Uneasy Times.

2020 has come in like a lion and proven to be unsettling, to say the least.  As the economy and accelerated reality of a remote work-life balance continue to turn the world upside down, businesses are facing critical decisions and uncertain outcomes regarding the coming weeks. Nonetheless, most organizations are convinced this will pass, and companies will eventually go back to business as usual. Meaning, they will rely heavily on dedicated employees to help promptly pick up the pieces and recapture momentum.  

Below are some great examples of ways to help your employees endure throughout these uncertain times as our bright future evolves. 

Consistent Communication:

 No one likes being left in the dark, especially at work. Make sure, clear and concise messaging regarding updated protocol and precautions are going out weekly, if not daily, to your team. 

Encouragement & Reprieve:

People are now inundated with negative information almost hourly. 

To help counteract this influence, work to build positive environments throughout your organization, including words of reassurance. 

If feasible, allow for additional opportunities to assist in alleviating exhaustion and anxiety. For instance, set aside an extra 20 minutes of team building throughout the day, where concerns and issues are aired and discussed as a group, even if it requires meeting online. 


 While managers steadily handle the big picture, employees are in the trenches doing the work that often goes unrecognized. Make sure to give support by making notice of the efforts done on the day to day, and especially throughout global unease. 


  In unprecedented times, companies face hard decisions. Sometimes, these decisions result in the sacrifice of their employees.  Please make every effort to inform employees throughout these choices, leaving no one guessing whether their position is secure or not.  


  While your business is the priority, remember your teams are facing obstacles on the outside as well.  Do your part to build the relationship on an individual level with your employees. Letters of recommendation (for those laid off), paid leave during required closing, flexible start times, shortened work hours, work from home opportunities, are all great examples of ways to help your employees endure and to maintain a strong relationship throughout.

Tough times never last but TOUGH people do!

What are some ways you and your company are helping your team endure? Comment below.

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