Working with a Recruiter

Candidates often assume they are going to have a typical job interview experience with a recruiter. They begin by preparing their “elevator pitch” and 5-year career path statement. Though we care about your goals, we have already reviewed your resume and compared it with the job in question. That’s why we are reaching out to you. 

  The best way to begin a conversation with a recruiter is by letting us do the asking first. We will help guide the conversation to pull the specifics we need to get back to our client and set up your actual job interview.

Recruiter -Candidate conversation:

  1. Let the recruiter start the conversation by asking questions.
  2. Be prepared to get very specific about your job preferences and absolutes.
  • Industry specifics
  • Pay requirements
  • Travel preferences

We love to hear, “I’m open.”

Join the conversation. Respond below with any candidate or recruiter insights that you would recommend.

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