It's Time to Have a Marketing Strategy for Your Career

Video: Jeff Bockelman, Pedagog Career Marketing

Pedagog is a career consulting, educational and recruiting service for individuals and institutions looking for innovative approaches to address the evolving issues of a competitive global employment market.

You Are Leaving Money On The Table

Over your lifetime, your career will earn you more than $2 million. But what are you doing (beyond your daily grind) to ensure you meet or exceed that goal?  Likely nothing, right?  

With a little effort, you can turn $2 million of lifetime earnings into $3 million – honestly, there is no limit.

You should be marketing and selling yourself so you will be in high-demand and have access to the opportunities that you want, when you want. Don’t wait until you need to make a move because then it is too late!

Where Do You Start?

  1. Connect with us –  – we don’t make you go through hoops like a normal job search. We can learn about you by what you have out there already.
  2. Explore opportunities that come your way – you don’t have to take anything now, but make the connection and start a dialogue to learn about it, whether it comes through us or another source. Be proactive!
  3. Identify your strengths, successes & accomplishments and learn how to feature them – learn how here.

Who Are We?

Pedagog is a Recruiting and Careers firm that focuses on developing relationships with great candidates who look to actively develop their careers and the companies who are looking for great talent. With over 20 years of experience in HR & recruiting, our founder Jeff Bockelman is an expert in the industry who wants to empower talent to take control of their careers, while helping the top employers connect with them. Learn more about Jeff here.

Paul, Marketing Manager - By simply being proactive instead of reactive with my career, I was able to progress much faster than I had before. I'm grateful that Jeff & Pedagog took the time to share their experience with me.

Kathy, Career Advocate & Ally - The things Jeff and Pedagog taught me just made sense! It became clear to me that I was doing nothing to further my career, however with a tiny bit more effort, I then became well-positioned for the types of opportunities I had been waiting years for.

Ivan, Senior Director, Supply Chain & Operations - Jeff is a fantastic recruiter that really got to know me and helped me to showcase my talent so I was ready when the right opportunity came along.