Our Mission

"Provide the highest quality process of talent sourcing to our clients by being a trusted, credible, personal career development resource to the individuals we work with."


The History of Our Service

Getting to know about Pedagog starts with understanding how we started. 

  Jeff Bockelman graduated with Honors from Wright State University with a BS in Accounting and Finance. His career kicked off in that arena until discovering his passion for the recruiting world and connecting the right fit for both clients and candidates. With over 23 years of experience in Recruiting and Human Resources, Jeff was inspired to start Pedagog in 2013.

   Jeff and his team focus on developing relationships with exceptional candidates who look to actively develop their careers and the companies who are looking for this great talent. Their proven recruitment and HR skills help them bring forward the best available candidates after assessing their skills and “fit” with client organizations.

   A key measure of Pedagog’s success has been the many long-term relationships that Jeff and his team have established with clients. They're confident that their experience can successfully benefit all types of recruitment needs - including the not-so-ordinary. He and his team educate their candidates about how to manage and promote their careers having already successfully developed skills and achievements.

   Pedagog focuses on identifying the best candidates and helping you manage an efficient and successful recruiting process. They know their future is dependent on yours! Making your business more successful, costing you less in turnover; that’s what’s important to Jeff and the team at Pedagog.

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Set up a competent team or take your career to the next level with the support of Pedagog. We look forward to assisting you in realizing your full potential.